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Our program typically meets twelve weeks during the Fall Semester and twelve weeks during the Spring semester. Throughout the year we will have field trips, special events, performances, and more. We are not a drop off program. Families are responsible for supervising children at all times by remaining onsite or by having an authorized party assigned to students while on campus.

CLASSES 2023-24 will be limited to upper level age groups. We look foward to a full 2024-25 program.

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Subtropical Mandarin Chinese     

Ages 10-18 

Class size: Min 2 Students  Max. 10 Students

Time: 10:30am-12pm

InstructorMrs. ChiaYin Kirkup

Mrs. Kirkup was born and raised in Taiwan. An enthusiastic immigrant who dreamt about living in the USA since age 5. Read countless issues of Readers Digest in Chinese starting at childhood. A trained cook/ baker and Martial Art lover. Homeschooler to two bilingual children. 


Class Description:  

The instructor dislikes being bored. She will teach the traditional (& correct) form of Chinese language through songs, Bible stories/verses, movements, games, rhymes, cultural differences, calligraphy, crafts, etc. Each student will be given a Chinese name that is close to the English transliteration, yet in elegant characters.

Cost: Cost: $12 per student/lesson for 14 lessons. $168 per student for the fall semester. Payment could be made via cash, personal checks, or PayPal 

Supplies: Bring your pens, pencils & an eraser for notes. There will be hands-on activities and homework.


Full Class

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Full Class

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