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Our program typically meets twelve weeks during the Fall Semester and twelve weeks during the Spring semester. Throughout the year we will have field trips, special events, performances, and more. We are not a drop off program. Families are responsible for supervising children at all times by remaining onsite or by having an authorized party assigned to students while on campus.


Drama Club: Theater Performance

Theatre Performance I: Ages 4-9

Advanced Acting: Ages 10-17 

Times TBA

Sibling discount available


Performance I: This program is brought to you from A Ton of Fun Theater. Students will learn the fundamentals of the stage, improvisation, memorization, voice projection, and the Fun of Acting! 

Advanced Acting: Students will delve deep into the world of Acting in this class. They will learn techniques and gain confidence in performance, improvisation, auditioning, public speaking , script writing and more. The final performance this year is a Dinner Theater!

Special Instructions: Children in Performance 1 do not have to read but must be able to follow instructions in order to participate. 


Mandarin Chinese     


Pink Gecko Mandarin Chinese : Ages 7-10 

Soft Serve Mandarin Chinese : Ages 11-16   

Class size: Min 2 Students  Max. 10 Students

We Have an Online Option: Times TBA


Description:  Pink Gecko

Learning Bible stories and songs with crafts, music, and hands-on activities. Reciting and writing several common verses in Chinese. This class will focus on basic introduction to evangelism in Chinese. 

Description: Soft Serve 

Learning Bible stories and concepts in Chinese with songs, games, crafts, and ultimately, reciting and writing the Lord’s Prayer. Introduction to Taiwanese religion and religious beliefs, their expression in holidays, courtesies, approaches to fortune and luck, etc.

Supplies: Bring your pens, pencils & an eraser for notes. There will be hands-on activities and homework.

Woman Tutoring Child
Culinary Club
Instructor: TBA

More Information to come

Min students 4  Max students 8

Special Instructions: This class is not suitable for students with food allergies as some products may contain milk, eggs, wheat, or nuts.

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