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Homeschooling In Maryland

Homeschoolers in Maryland should stay informed about the regulations governing their students and educational choices. A Ton of Fun Homeschooling and the Accokeek Christian Cooperative support all forms of Education, but our primary mission is to help those who take the bold step in training their children at home.

Know The Basics.

  • Homeschool families must provide notice of their intent to homeschool their child. This may be done via a written notice directly through their county (see county procedure) or via an umbrella (oversight) program who submits the documents on the family's behalf. 

  • Homeschool families may choose to report directly to the County for supervision of homeschooling instruction. Each County provides its own guidelines.

  • Homeschooling families may choose to report to an approved Non-public school or institution, commonly refered to as an "Umbrella" for supervision of instruction.

  • COMAR Guidelines Sec. 13a.10.01.01. provides the basis for supervision of regular and thorough instruction.

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Want to Find Out More About Homeschooling In Maryland?

These may be helpful:

A Ton of Fun Homeschool is not an oversight program. We establish groups in local communities that will support homeschooling through classes or activities like the Accokeek Christian Cooperative.

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