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Accokeek Christian Cooperative

A Directors Welcome!

I am looking forward to sharing our community program with you. My name is Michelle Talkington, a homeschooling parent of six children (one graduate). I am the current owner of A Ton of Fun Theater, Co-owner of M.A.K Remodeling Services, and Director of several local programs throughout Charles and Prince George's County. Southern Maryland is my home and I value the many opportunities to serve, volunteer, and grow. A Ton of Fun Homeschool is proud to present Accokeek Christian Cooperative. 

Accokeek Christian Cooperative, operating in the annex building of Christ Church, is a place where children ages 4-17 can participate in classes, clubs, and activities that foster education, fellowship, and a love of God. Our Program is customized each year to bring the best of local talented parents, educators, and business leaders to share their expertise with our future generations. Our homeschooled students will find encouragement to expand in their gifts and talents while acquiring new ones. More importantly, students will make lasting friendships along the way. I look forward to years of exciting adventures. 


Michelle Talkington
​Program Director

Our Program

We recognize that we have entered a new time in our Nation's history in relation to covid-19. We are making choices that are best suited for the families who currently attend our program as well as those who are looking to join. It was with careful consideration that we came to our conclusion to pause our classes. 

We are not comfortable mandating the use of masks for families or young children as many co-ops are doing at this time, although we do acknowledge the risks with contracting the virus. The majority of popular classes that we offer; Dance, Lego, Theater, Mandarin, Culinary would be a particular challenge to teach with masks or with social distancing guidelines. 

A Ton of Fun Homeschool will continue to assist families in their journey to educate their children. Accokeek Christian Cooperative will operate in our building on Mondays for Homeschool Information Meetings, Parent Planning, Curriculum Sharing, and Clubs (Or other Ideas you may have). We appreciate your understanding in matter and wish you continued success in your homeschooling this year.


Michelle Talkington
​Program Director

Our Philosophy
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ACC Homeschool is a Christian cooperative with a Biblical worldview. We believe there is only one God who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the true son of God. It is by his virgin birth, death, and resurrection that we can be saved by Grace through Faith. ACC Homeschool exists to provide an environment where students and families in our area can learn and enjoy activities in a way that gives honor and glory to God.  

Our Facility: Christ Church Accokeek
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Originally founded in 1698, Christ Church (Episcopal) is a historical treasure of Prince George's County, Maryland. It's annex, located directly behind the church, has served as an educational center for over five decades. It is also the home of Classical Conversations Accokeek.