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Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination (DI) is a global educational nonprofit dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative problem solvers.

Are you ready to D.I.VE into Destination Imagination?

Those who are familiar with the program will understand my silly insiders joke! Destination Imagination, DI for short, is an exciting International S.T.E.A.M program that just celebrated 20 Years of success. We are proud to coordinate teams from our location, but anyone can create a team and participate and our Program Director can show you how.

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Here is more information from the source:


At Destination Imagination, we believe that when an educational experience is hands-on, collaborative and fun, students are empowered to take their learning to the next level and are excited to do so. DI provides unique educational experiences across seven project-based Challenge types–Technical, Scientific, Engineering, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Service Learning, and Early Learning.

New, open-ended Team Challenges are developed annually with the help of educators, subject matter experts and qualified volunteers to cover a wide range of student interests and align to current educational standards.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Do I have to belong to a school or program to participate in DI?

A: No. You can compete independently, which is often how we compete as homeschoolers. To participate in DI you must have a       designated Coordinator and Team Manger (The same person may take on both roles). You must abide by the DI guidelines for team size, student ages, and challenge selection.

Q: Can we compete in any Maryland County?

A: Yes, however you must select One County for your regional competition. This may be based on the location of your homeschool group, the address of the Team Coordinator, Team Manager, or the location where the majority of the team resides.

Q: Which County does ACC compete?

A: We generally compete in Prince George's County because our building is located in Accokeek. However, if we have a team that consists primarily of residents of Charles County, we may register that team for competition in Charles County, MD. This is a decision that is made at the beginning of our program based on student participation. We have competed in Charles Conty for two years and Prince George's County form one year.  Independent teams face this challenge across the Nation as we have been fortunate to ask other Homeschool" D.I.ers" at Global Finals.

Q: Are the fees to compete as a Homeschool Team in D.I.?

A: Yes. Whether you belong to our program or compete independently there are fees for Destination Imagination. Some school systems select to participate in the program and cover the fees while others rely on parents, sponsors, or fundraisers.


Q: What are the fees to compete with ACC?

A: Each family at ACC pays a registration fee that covers the cost of the facility for classes and rehearsals, insurance, and very few administrative costs.  Families who then chose to participate in DI will pay $150 ($75 per semester) and here is why:

In order to compete every team consisting of 2 min-7 max students must first purchase a team number from the corporate program. That price may change year to year, but is often between $100-$120 per number. Each county sets their own fees to compete per team at the Regional level ranging from $0-$80. Prince George's County is currently $60. Charles County supplies their regional fee for all participants at this time. The State competition also sets a competition fee of $80-$90 per team. The majority of team challenges have a budget of $150 that can be used for materials to build a set, costumes, gadget, etc. Teams that compete at Global Finals pay a registration fee of $5,500. The Challenge with the lowest budget allowance, Improvisation $0-$50, would require the team to provide $250 to compete. The average cost for a team challenge is $400 before advancing to Global Finals. If a team consists of only two students their ACC fee of $150 will not cover the costs required to participate and fundraising efforts will be made to ensure the team competes. 

Q: Do Team Managers or Team Coordinators get paid?

A: No. Our Coordinator and Team Mangers are all volunteers. In fact last year our Coordinator was a sponsor and offset the expenses for five teams to compete. Many of the Team Managers also volunteered their homes and finances to ensure each team had what they required. 

Q: What Volunteer time is required and why?

A: In order to compete each team is required to supply One Team Volunteer and One Appraiser. Team Volunteers will be given a time slot or job to perform during the Regional Competition, requiring only One Day of Volunteer work. The Appraiser MUST be 18 or older and attend a Full Day training that will teach them their potential duties during the Regional and State Competition. The same Appraiser must travel with the team to the State Competition should their team advance. That means the Appraiser will give Three Days of Volunteer time. Appraisers most likely will not see their student compete, which is why we ofter encourage extended family or friends for this role. 

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